Learn how to tie 6 of the best basic knots

Sorry, this event has passed.
  • Date
    Thursday, 12 September, 2019
  • Time
    From 05:30 pm to 07:00 pm EDT
  • Organizer
    MEC Toronto
  • Price
  • Address
    MEC Toronto
    300 Queen Street West
    Toronto, ON

In this clinic, participants will be introduced to knots that have basic applications in camping and climbing. Outdoor adventurer, photographer, and #mecstaffer, Lori, will take you through the twists and turns in this fun and skill building session. 

Please register below to secure your spot - this is one of our most popular clinics. Since it is hands-on, there are limited supplies that registered participants will get to practice tying knots with. 

Participants will learn how to tie the following knots, time permitting:

  • Sheet Bend
  • Square Knot
  • Clove Hitch
  • Bowline
  • Figure Eight
  • Trucker’s Hitch

Participants will also learn about:

  • Static versus dynamic rope
  • How ropes are tested and measured
  • Different kinds of rope on the market
  • Care, Cleaning and Retirement of a rope

Please register at the link below. The clinic will take place on the second floor in our new, community hub area known as Basecamp. 

Note: When this clinic reaches capacity, you will still be able to attend and observe. We won't know until the start of the clinic, but if all registered participants do not arrive, you may be able to participate using the materials. 

Questions about this clinic? Please contact us at 416-340-2667