MEC Run Crew - Wednesdays - Oct09

Sorry, this event has passed.


MEC North York Run Crew - Wednesdays

Join our Wednesday Run Crew for a workout run! Perfect for anyone who can run at least 5K and looking to increase their distance or improve their speed. We typically run/jog ~2K to a track or a quiet street in the neighbourhood and then we do a ~30min interval workout that incorporates either speed work or hills, or both! Everyone can run at their own pace so feel free to join us whether you are a beginner or an elite runner! After the workout, we will jog back to MEC North York as a cool down. 

All are welcome! 

Running Level

Perfect for men and women with experience running 5K ormore.

Runner Requirements

  • Appropriate footwear Clothing suitable for weather conditions
  • A bottle of water & holder/belt/Camelback
  • ID and a contact number (it’ll fit in your water bottle pouch or maybe a Spi-Belt).

This meet-up runs all year long, rain or shine. We meet at the MEC North York store every week. Be there a few minutes early as the group leaves at 6:00pm (sharp).

There is free underground parking at MEC North York. 




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