No Man's Land Film Festival - Mar16

  • Date
    Saturday, 16 March, 2019
  • Time
    From 06:00 pm to 10:00 pm CDT
  • Organizer name
    University of Manitoba Climbing Club
  • Price
  • Website
  • Address
    University of Manitoba
    100 Fletcher Argue
    Winnipeg, MB

No Man's Land Film Festival is an all-woman adventure film festival based out of the Rocky Mountains of Colorado that meets a need and desire to highlight and connect individuals who identify as women in pursuit of the radical. We are a collaboration and celebration of humans who are deeply engaged in enhancing the female presence in the adventure arena. The goal of this festival is to connect like-minded individuals who are action-oriented, wish to support a shared vision of gender equality, have a desire to experience their passions and environments through a uniquely female lens, and above all, love adventure. Along with cultivating a deep interest in exploring the vastness of our planet from a female point of view, No Man's Land strives to create a history of motivating audiences to implement and inspire change. Our mission transcends the films presented; this festival acts as a platform for progressive thought and movement in the outdoor industry. At No Man's Land, we aim to un-define feminine in adventure and sport through film.