Learn To Build A Snow Quinzhee & Enjoy Hot Chocolate & Cookies - Dec09

Embrace the winter and take in the breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains as you build a snow Quinzhee! If built properly a snow Quinzhee (which is a combination between an igloo and a snow cave) will be much warmer than sleeping in a tent. We'll build one just for fun and along the way you'll learn tons of winter tips and tricks to build your skills.

While we wait for the snow to set before hollowing it out you can enjoy the hot chocolate and cookies and learn about additional winter shelters you can build like snow caves, snow trenches, and lean-to styles. Most of all we'll have a ton of fun (and maybe a snowball fight or two)!

You'll also learn about essential winter skills like how to avoid hypothermia and frost bite, locating water, melting snow, and strategies to be comfortably dressed in all conditions. Along the way we'll share real Search and Rescue stories and you'll learn practical ways to stay found if you ever get off track.

Since we love capturing the fun we'll take pics of you throughout the day and send them your way after its done! Enjoy a new side of winter, take in the winter wonderland, and let it snow!

Your local guides Shauna and Lisa have been having fun building, instructing, and sleeping in snow Quinzhee's for years! The coldest night Shauna has spent in one was -35 and it was a balmy 0 degrees inside! In addition your instructors are certified guides with over 18 years experience here in the Rocky Mountains, and each have 9 years experience team leading, and instructing in Search and Rescue. They love taking people to beautiful places and giving them the skills they need to get outside!

This is a full day adventure and is perfect for people of all abilities, including families with kids 12+ years!