AST Level 1 - Dec12

  • Date
    From Wednesday, 12 December, 2018 to Thursday, 13 December, 2018
  • Time
    From 09:00 am to 04:00 pm MST
  • Organizer name
    Cloud Nine Guides
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  • Address
    Bill Warren Training Centre
    1995 Olympic Way

The AST 1 Course is a 2 Day Avalanche Education Course designed as an introductory look at how to approach your winter adventures in avalanche terrain. The goal of the program is to give students an entry level decision making framework that can be applied pre-trip and in the field to increase safety margins and maximize fun while starting to explore the winter backcountry environment on their own.


Curriculum on this course is standardized by the Avalanche Canada which we use as a baseline. Our students are often interested in freeride skiing & splitboarding as well as waterfall ice climbing and summer alpinism - our courses cater to each of these. Our AST 1 addresses each of these unique mountain sports, and the differences in our approach to avalanche terrain therein.


This course is open to anyone, kids and families included. The first day is spent in the classroom learning the theory and mechanics of avalanche formation, while the second day is spent in the field. The goal of the field day is to travel only so far as to facilitate the groups educational goals. The goal is not to have a big travel day. Students should be prepared to travel up to 4km and not gain more than 300m in elevation on the field day. We will be travelling on either alpine touring skis, splitboards, and/or snowshoes. It is up to you which you arrive with for the course. For more information on the course logistics we have provided a detailed description below.


Day 1 – Classroom (TBA)


Start time 9: 00am

-  Introductions, Course Goals, Agenda, Waivers (CAA, ACMG, Cloud Nine Guides)

-  Understanding Avalanches: Formation & Characteristics

-  Avalanche Terrain Recognition

-  Introduction to the ATES (Avalanche Terrain Exposure Scale)

-  Changes in the Mountain Snowpack, Snow Metamorphism


Lunch 12:00pm – 1:00pm

-  Assessing and reducing risk

-  Accessing Public Avalanche Bulletins

-  Using the AVALATOR.

-  Safe Travel Choices and Proper Route Planning

-  Companion Rescue Techniques

-  Discuss program for the Field Day 2

~ 4:30pm Schools Out!


Day 2 – Location TBA

Start Time TBD End of Day 1.

-  Re-Group at parking our venue’s parking area, sign-out gear.

-  Field Observations.

-  Companion Rescue Techniques & Practice

-  Managing Risk in Avalanche Terrain

-  Route Selection, Track Setting and Terrain related Hazard

-  Snow Profiles and Stability Tests

-  Companion Rescue Scenario

~ 4:30pm Course Debrief