Learn To Ride Clipless Pedals - Jul11

  • Date
    Wednesday, 11 July, 2018
  • Time
    From 06:30 pm to 08:30 pm EDT
  • Organizer name
    Pura Vida Performance
  • Price
  • Website
  • Address
    Parkview Community Centre
    189 Blake St
    Barrie, ON

This Clinic is specially designed to help you become a ROCKSTAR at clipping in to your pedals and at the same time teach you how to do all the things that a cyclist must do when it comes to taking off and coming to a stop on the road like signalling, braking and getting into an easier gear. It will give you all the skills, knowledge and technique you need to get you riding your clipless pedals like the lady boss you are.

AND most importantly you will become a more CONFIDENT rider when it comes to your pedals all while having FUN with other WOMEN who are in a similar boat as you. You can finally feel like you're not constantly focussed on your feet!

Imagine how great that would feel?

Ummm, yes please!

​AND it will introduce you to a fun group of ladies who love to ride and want to learn as well.

You are nervous to fall over riding clipped in to your pedals
You're not sure how to properly clip in, get on your bike and take off riding
You're not sure how to get stopped without falling over (not to mention gearing down, braking and signalling all at the same time too)
You have fallen a couple of times and are frustrated
Clipping in to your pedals completely overwhelms you and gives you anxiety
You want to ride with the Mavericks and you're currently riding with flat pedals
You want to gain an insane amount of confidence with your pedals
You want to know the secret sauce to make the chance of falling super slim
​You're looking for a group of awesome women you are meant to learn these skills with

Then my Learn To Ride Clipless Pedals Clinic is for YOU!