Backcountry 101 - Introduction to Map & Compass - Apr03

Sorry, this event has passed.
  • Date
    Tuesday, 03 April, 2018
  • Time
    From 06:30 pm to 07:30 pm PDT
  • Organizer
    MEC Kelowna
  • Price
  • Address
    MEC Kelowna
    1876 Cooper Rd #100
    Kelowna, BC

Map & Compass Navigation

By the end of the session, participants will:
  • Be familiar with topographic maps, the features that distinguish them from other types of maps and the reasons they are ideal for backcountry navigation.

Understand the following concepts/symbols on a topographic map

  • Contour Lines
  • Basic color/terrain indicators
  • Scale
  • Declination
  • Projection
  • Latitude/Longitude grid
  • UTM grid


The following concepts will be discussed in detail:

  • Interpreting real-life terrain features from a topo map
  • Setting declination on a compass and its importance
  • Shooting a bearing from terrain
  • Setting a bearing from a topo map
  • Following a bearing
  • Straight line navigation vs. hand railing vs. aiming off
  • Be familiar with other navigation resources available at MEC, as well as any additional navigation programming offered

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