CANCELLED- MEC Toronto Sprint Triathlon

  • Date
    Saturday, 15 September, 2018
  • Time
    From 07:00 am to 12:00 pm EDT
  • Organizer
    MEC North York
  • Price
  • Address
    De La Salle Park
    1940 Metro Road
    Georgina , ON

Hello Athletes,

Unfortunately, we’ve got some bad news… we’ve had to make the tough decision to cancel the 2018 MEC Toronto Sprint Triathlon on Saturday, September 15th. This was not an easy decision to make, particularly as we know how many hours people put into training, but due to permitting issues we aren’t able to deliver on the epic day we had planned.

All registered athletes have been contacted to for a full refund. If you did not receive an email, please email myself, at and we will help sort that out right away.

Thanks for your understanding, and we hope to see you out there again soon!

Best, Matt


Find your inner Triathlete with MEC North York!

Whetther you are training to reach your goal or just out to have fun, this super affordable chip-timed Triathlon is right for you.

Test yourself at the MEC North York Sprint Triathlon, Saturday, September 15 at De La Salle Park in the Town of Georgina on the south side of Lake Simcoe. Just 45min North of Toronto in York Region. This chip-timed event is complete with medals for the top three finishers in each gender, and snacks at the finish line.

Lake Swim: 750m   (Wet Suits ARE permitted)

Bike: (flat) 20km

Run: (flat) 5km

Ages 16 and up only


Registration is no longer available for 2018 due to the cancelation of the event.


Pre-race Meeting

Athletes are encouraged to attend the Pre-Race Meeting, especially first-time triathletes. These meetings (approx. 30min during package pick-up) will have last-minute details and review important points about the course, rules, and expectations of the athletes before, during and after the event. It's also a great opportunity to ask questions!

Pre-race triathlon briefing One: Thursday September 13, 7pm-8pm at the MEC North York Store: This meeting is not mandatory but is recommended for athletes to attend, especially if this is your first Triathlon, for race details, rules and last minute event changes and even some pre-race tips!

Pre-race triathlon briefing Two: Saturday September 15, 8:00am-8:30am in Georgina in the transition area: Missed the first one? This meeting is not mandatory but is recommended for all athletes who missed the first meeting to attend for race details, rules and last minute event changes.

RACE INFO (more info below about race rules)

Parking Pass

All athletes will receive a parking pass for free parking on race morning. If you pick up your kit in advance, you’ll get a parking pass.  If you plan on picking up on race morn, our parking staff will have one for you at the entrance to the De La Salle Park parking lot on Metro Rd, east of Salvation Army Drive. Our parking staff will have a list to check against.  One pass per athlete only and it must be shown on the dash.  Vehicles without this must pay for parking at machines, otherwise risk a ticket. This is the only parking lot for athletes.


You will be able to pick up your timing chip at the race start on RACE DAY ONLY from 7:30am - 8:30am. Please arrive on time to pick up your chip from the timing company. If you don’t pick up your timing chip you will not have a race time (but you’ll have fun!).


Bike check and transition will be open from 7:30am-8:30am. Only race participants with an ankle band will be allowed into the transition area. You MUST have your bike checked to participate.

NOTE: Participants WILL NOT be allowed into the bike transition area after 8:30am.

Start times



De la Salle Park

Georgina, Ontario

Click here for directions


Swim 750M

Bike route 20KM

See below for more details about the bike... you ARE permitted to use Aerobars. 


Run Route 5KM


All race day photos are available a few days following the race on our MEC Toronto Flickr account for your viewing pleasure. Download and share your ride with friends and family!


Help us keep our races green by bringing your own water bottle. (Compostable cups and on-site recycling and composting will also be provided.)

Click on the image to find out more.



Know someone who wants to come cheer you on and give out high-fives? Volunteering with the MEC events team is a blast.

Check back soon


We’ll be giving out medals to the top three male and female finishers.

Check back following the race and click on the links below for MEC Sprint Triathlon results. 

Sprint Triathlon Results 2017


ALL TRIATHLON PARTICIPANTS NEED A 1-DAY MEMBERSHIP IN O.A.T. (Ontario Association of Triathletes) for liability and sanctioning.  NO athlete will be permitted to race without this.

2018 Schedule of Events



Events – Thursday, Sep. 13, 2018




Race Package Pick-up

MEC North York

784 Sheppard Ave E



Race Details & Rules




Events – Saturday, September 15th, 2018




Transition Area Open

De La Salle Park, Georgina



Pick up timing strap (goes on ankle), Kit Pick-up and Day-of Registration




Athlete Announcements




Bike Course open




Run Course open




Swim Start








Athletes must remove bike/gear from transition area




Race Site closes



Pre-Race Information

Race Package Pick-up

Race participants should pick-up their race package on Thursday September 13th, 2018 at MEC North York between 5pm and 9pm.  You can also pick it up on race morning as of 7:30am.

Mandatory Bike & Gear Check-In

All bicycles and Bike/Run Gear Bags must be checked into the transition area between 7:00am – 8:00am.  Please note that once the transition area is closed at 8:30am there will be no admittance. 

Athlete Ankle Band

An ankle band with your race number will be provided ON RACE DAY.  This band will identify you as an official participant and must be worn at all times during the race.  The race bib must also be worn and visible during the bike and run. Both are required for medical identification purposes and allow you access to the transition area.

At the finish of the RUN we will need to collect your ankle band.  Keep your bib with you however as you will not be allowed to remove your bicycle and/or gear from the transition area following the race without your race bib.

Bike Check-out Ticket

The bottom tear-off section of your race bib is your ‘Bike Check-Out Ticket’.  If you are unable to personally claim your bike and gear, a family member or friend may use your Bike-Check-Out ticket as long as you give it to them!  As a precaution, give this ticket to a family member or friend prior to the race, even if you plan to reclaim your bike and gear yourself.


We will be operating on a “two strikes and you’re out” system.

Although there is only one violation that incurs a time penalty, any combination of two violations will result in a race disqualification.

Drafting will incur a one-minute time penalty which marshals will mark on the spot

Summary of POSITION Violations:

·         Always ride on the right side of the road to avoid an ILLEGAL POSITION or BLOCKING violation

·         Keep five bike lengths of clear space between your bike’s front wheel and the rear wheel of the cyclist in front of you to avoid a DRAFTING violation

·         Always pass on the left of the cyclist in front of you; never on the right to avoid an ILLEGAL PASS violation.  Complete your pass within 20 seconds to avoid a DRAFTING violation.

·         Passed athletes must be seen making immediate and constant rear progress out of the drafting zone to avoid a DRAFTING violation.

Other Common Violations

       HELMET CHINSTRAP: your chin strap must be securely fastened whenever you are on your bike

       RACE NUMBER: you must wear your bib number during the run portion of the race and the bike number must be visible on your bike.

       LITTERING: do not throw away anything outside of the transitions area or aid stations.


·         No communication devices, MPS players or other audio devices are permitted on course. 

·         No toe cage enclosed

·         No open tube ends on handlebars. 

·         AEROBAR use is PERMITTED

       OUTSIDE ASSISTANCE: Non-racers may not ride or run alongside you.

       RIDING IN TRANSITION or Mount/Dismount lines crossed.

       NUDITY:  No bare torsos or other forms of public nudity.

Race Day Athlete Check List


o   Pick-up Race Package Thursday

o   Directions to Venue

o   Valid Ontario Association of Triathletes (OAT) membership (if you paid for a one-day license online, no need to bring a card)

o   Bike tuned up

o   Pack gear

o   Study the race courses and plan your

Nutrition (if needed)



o   Timing Chip

o   Swimsuit – tri suits and jammers are acceptable

o   Swim Goggles

o   Race Day Swim Cap

o   Ear Plugs/Nose Plug (optional)

o   Long sleeved shirt and shoes to wear and discard before the race in case it’s chilly

o   Towel



o   Bike Pump

o   Gels etc.

o   Water Bottle (we’ll have only a bottle refill table at 10k so must bring your own)

o   Bike Repair Kit

o   Sunscreen

o   Helmet

o   Sunglasses

o   Bike Shoes

o   Socks

o   GPS Watch or Bike Computer



o   Race Belt or Safety Pins

o   Bib Number or body marking

o   Hat/Visor

o   Running Shoes

o   Water Bottle (if needed…  otherwise we will have a water station at the 2.5k mark)




Medical Assistance

If assistance is required during the swim, fully qualified lifeguards are patrolling the course and available to help. Two boats will be on hand also.

There are marshals and volunteers along both the run and bike courses.  They will be wearing an orange safety vest.  In the event non-life threatening medical attention is required any staff or volunteers on course can contact our on-call medical attendants for assistance.

On course medical attendants are located at the start/finish area and the water stations on course, so the 10k station for the bike and turnaround for the run.

A medical tent is at the transition area.  For the privacy of athletes and to prevent overcrowding we ask that only the individual requiring attention be in the medical tent.  No family or friends.

Road Cycling

Please be aware that this is an open course.  Both pedestrians and vehicles are permitted on route.  Cyclists MUST obey all rules of the roads.  This is especially true at all intersections, left turns and traffic signs.  You will be cycling in the direction of normal traffic.

On METRO RD. stay on the shoulder inside the cones.  On LAKE DR. stay to the right.

We will have marshals present at all major turns to bring reinforce safety and proper riding etiquette.


Race Day Information

Swim Chip

You will be issued an ankle timing strap to be worn during the entire race.  This will be removed after you have finished the run in the designated area at the finish line.  Please note you will be charged $40 for unreturned chips.

Race Morning Procedure

Transition opens at 7:00am on race morning.  Remember to take out your swim supplies before putting gear bags in the transition area.  We’ll have a Bike technician and pumps in the transition area race morning.

Your bike, helmet and any gear required for the ride should be checked into Transition Area.  Don’t give it to someone to ‘hold’ for you.  You must be self-contained in the transition area.  Pack your bike and run gear in appropriate gear bags (put your name on them).  Loose gear is a potential hazard in the transition area and not permitted.

You will not be permitted in the transition area on race day without your ankle band.  Transition area closes at 8:45am.  All athletes must be out of the transition and headed to the swim before this time.

Please do not wear your bib number in the swim.  The number will not hold up for the duration of the race if it gets wet.  It is best if you pin it to your run shirt before the race.

Aid Stations

There is one aid station on the bike course (you can fill up a bottle or take a cup), and one aid station on the run course.

Race Timing and Cut-Offs

Aid station stops, transitions etc. will be included in your total elapsed time.  Splits will be recorded for each segment of the race.  The following cut-off times apply to each segment of the race:

Swim Cut-Off: the swim course will officially close at 9:45am

Bike Cut-Off: the bike course will officially close at 11:00am

Run Cut-Off: the run course will officially close at 11:45am

Athletes who do not make these cut-off times will not be allowed to continue.

MEC North York or the OAT Technical delegate reserves the right to remove an athlete from the course and DNF the athlete if our course staff determines there is no possibility of an athlete finishing the given discipline (swim, bike, run) before the posted cut-off times based on the athlete’s location, time, average speed up to that point and physical condition.

Spectator Information

Spectators are not permitted in the Transition Area or Finish Line Area.  They are not to block the entry and exit points into the transitions.   They can line the finish line barricades however.  

Swim Course Rules and Regulations

Ø  No fins, gloves or flotation devices (including pull buoys) of any kind are allowed.

Ø  Swim goggles and face masks may be worn.  Snorkels are not permitted.

Ø  No individual escorts allowed.  The swim course will be adequately supervised by qualified lifeguards.

Ø  The run to the transition area is on sand and grass.  The distance is 50 meters. 

Ø  Public nudity is not permitted.  We require you to be fully ready to race before getting on your bike.  Personal nutrients are permitted if carried on your bike.  Water is available in the transition.

Ø  Please inform family and friends to stay off the bike and run course.


Transition Area

Ø  Placement of gear and bike in transition areas is allocated on a first come first serve basis.

Ø  You will require the ankleband to both drop-off and pick-up your belongings and bicycle in the transition area.

Ø  No loose gear or helmets are permitted in the transition area and must be stored in a labelled gear bag.

Ø  There is absolutely no running in the transitions area.

Ø  Dismount areas are clearly marked and will be enforced.

Ø  Water will be available inside the transition area before the ramp.

Ø  Gear and bikes must  be collected from the transition area between 11am – 12pm


Bike Course Rules and Instructions



Turn By Turn Instructions:

Bike Out:

·         Lake Dr. west to Kennedy, south to Metro Rd, west to Varney Rd, onto a side road, back to Varney & Lake Drive, and all the way back on that to the finish.  Flat and scenic!   


Local Traffic Laws

Please remember that members of the local community use the bike course roads.  Realize that you are an ambassador for the sport and the event and the impact of your actions is far reaching.  When you are out riding please adhere to local traffic laws and go the extra mile to be courteous and respectful to the residents of the local community.

When riding:

Ø  Ride single file.  This is not just for your safety but also to ensure local drivers can get where they need to go without delay and frustration.

Ø  Please obey traffic rules (we don’t have any stoplights but do recommend you slow down at turns like from Kennedy onto Metro Rd.;  and we urge you to signal when turning etc.)

Bike inspection is not mandatory and will not be provided at Bike Check-In.   A technician will be on hand to provide last minute assistance but please be advised your bike MUST be in the transition area by 8:30am.

Ø  We recommend that your bike be fully inspected prior to coming to the race.

Ø  To avoid an unexpected flat tire, wait until race morning to inflate your tires to their proper pressure.  There will be a limited number of pumps available in the transition area on race morning so we recommend you bring your own. 

Ø  For security and safety reasons, bikes will not be allowed out of the transition once it closes at 8:30am


Bike Course Rules and Instructions


Absolutely NO DRAFTING of another bike or any other vehicle is allowed.

Athletes must keep four bike lengths of clear space between bikes except when passing.  Failure to do so will result in a drafting violation.

A pass can occur when overtaking athlete’s front wheel passes the leading edge of the athlete being overtaken.

Overtaking athletes may pass on the left for up to 20 seconds, but must move back to the right side of the road after passing. 

Overtaken athletes must immediately fall back four bike lengths before attempting to regain the lead from the front running bike.

Athletes must ride single file on the far right side of the road when passing another rider.  Side-by-side riding is not allowed and will result in position violations.

Athletes who impede the forward progress of other athletes will be given a blocking violation.

2. No tandems, recumbents, fairings or any add-on device designed exclusively to reduce resistance are allowed.

7. No individual support.  Persons are not allowed to run, bike or drive alongside athletes.


3. Athletes must obey all traffic laws while on the cycling course. Failure to do so may result in disqualification.

8. Do not litter – including but not limited to water bottles, gel wrappers, energy bar wrapper, clothing items and broken bike parts


4. Bike shoes must be placed on the bike in transition, but helmets and other cycling gear must be placed in your gear bag.  Shoes and shirts must be worn at all times.

9. Athletes are individually responsible for the repair and maintenance of their own bike and should be prepared to handle any possible mechanical malfunction. NOTE: We do not have technical support available on-course.


5. Athletes may walk bike but may not make any progress on the bike course unaccompanied by their bicycle.

10. HEADSETS or HEADPHONES are not allowed during any portion of the event.


6. An approved helmet is required during the entire bike portion including in and out of transition.  Athletes riding without an approved helmet or chinstrap not fastened may be disqualified. 






Run Course Rules and Instructions

Ø  Athletes may run, walk or crawl.

Ø  Athletes must wear their MEC issued bib number in front of them clearly visible at all times on the course or must have their body marking clearly visible. 

Ø  No individual support vehicles or non-athlete escort runners are allowed.  Supporters of any type may not drive, bike or run alongside the athlete and should stay completely clear of all athletes.

Ø  The sole responsibility of knowing and following the prescribed running course rests with each athlete.  No adjustments in time shall be made for athletes who fail to follow the proper course for any reason.

Ø  Athletes racing without a shirt or racing top will be disqualified.

Ø  The run course closes at 2:45pm

Finish Line Policy

Friends and/or family are not permitted to cross the finish line or enter the finish chute with participating athletes.

Post-Race Information

Bicycle and Gear Check-out

Mandatory Bike & Gear Check-out from the transition area is between 11am & 12pm.  You are required to claim your bicycle and gear after the race by showing your race bib.  

Race Photography

Our photographers will not be able to capture every athlete.  Instead they will attempt to capture the spirit of the event.  These will be made available the week after.  The link will be emailed in the post-race email.


Overall top 3 men’s and women’s finishers will be awarded a medal.  Please note that we do not award age group medals.

Lost and Found

Lost and Found will be brought back to the MEC North York store.  Feel free to call as of Monday after the race to enquire about any lost items.  Please call 416-221-0030 x021205.

*All unclaimed or unidentified items will be donated within 30 days


Enfield Timing is the timing company.  Results will be posted Saturday afternoon.  A link will also be sent to you via post-race email.

This MEC Sprint Triathlon has been sanctioned by Triathlon Ontario.

Questions? Comments? Concerns?