Bike Maintenance 201 - Super Class

Sorry, this event has passed.
  • Date
    Sunday, 14 January, 2018
  • Time
    From 11:00 am to 04:00 pm MST
  • Organizer
    MEC Calgary
  • Price
  • Address
    MEC Calgary
    830 10th Avenue SW
    Calgary, AB

Bike Maintenance 201 Super Class is designed for the more advanced cyclist who wants to learn how to work hands on with a bike provided by MEC.Our advanced, 201 Super Classes are held once a month during select months.
The Super Class includes all three 201 sessions: Brake Adjustments, Derailleur Adjustments, Drivetrain Adjustments and is a hands-on clinics led by one of our senior mechanics, giving you a small class size to really get involved and learn a new skill. 
*There will be a 1 hour break during this clinic.*  Please bring something to eat or make plans to dine out during your break as there will be no food provided.
PLEASE NOTE: You do not need to bring your own bike to participate
Topics in detail:
Brake Adjustments
By the end of the clinic, participants will:
  • Understand the difference between brake types
  • Know how to clean their disc brakes
  • Know when the bike needs to be taken to the MEC Bike Shop for service
  • Be able to change the pads on rim brakes (both calliper and cantilever)
  • Be able to adjust the position of their rim brakes
  • Know how to change the cable and housing for rim brakes
  • NOTE: We will NOT be adjusting Disk Brakes
Derailleur Adjustments
By the end of the clinic, participants will:
  • Be able to tell when their derailleurs require an adjustment
  • Be able to inspect their drivetrain and derailleurs
  • Know how to make adjustments on their rear and front derailleurs
  • Know when to take their bike to the MEC Bike Shop for derailleur repairs

Drivetrain Adjustments

By the end of the clinic, participants will:
  • Know when to change a chain and/or cassette, and cable and/or housing
  • Be able to break, remove, size and install chain
  • Know how to remove and install a cassette
  • Be able to replace the gear cables and housing



If you have any questions regarding the classes please do not hesitate to contact our events team at