Event Posting Rules and Regulations

Canadian events only

Postings must be related to events or activities happening in Canada.

Outdoor events only

Postings must be related to an outdoor activity or environmental initiative.

No bad language

Avoid nasty language, or we'll remove your listing.

No duplicate postings

Please don't submit duplicate postings. Users may submit the same posting in different areas; however, the same posting may not be submitted in the same area.

MEC veto power

We reserve the right to edit or remove event postings at our discretion.

Changes to a posting

If your event is cancelled or postponed for any reason, please inform us at events@mec.ca. Please include your posting number.

Misuse of email addresses

The e-mail addresses submitted by users of MEC Events website are not to be collected, used and/or distributed for any other purpose(s) than those that relate directly to the MEC Events website. If you believe that an email address you have submitted is being misused, please contact events@mec.ca.

MEC products and promotional activities

By posting your event on this website, you agree that MEC may promote its products and services on webpages that also list your event Information.