Learn2Swim - Intro 1 to Masters Swimming - Oct14

  • Date
    Saturday, 14 October, 2017
  • Time
    From 03:00 pm to 04:00 pm EDT
  • Organizer name
    The Olympian Experience Swim Team - TOEST.ca
  • Price
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  • Address
    Aldershot Pool
    50 Fairwood Pl West
    Burlington, ON

In Intro 1, the fundamentals of the freestyle stroke and backstroke are the focus. Both strokes are deconstructed into rudimentary components and practiced in order that the athlete gains competency and confidence in execution. The skills of closed (flip) turns and wall push offs are also taught.

Sessions are 45-60 mins long, with 30mins of coaching and 15-30mins of open swim so that skills can be practiced in a relaxed environment outside of a workout. Each session covers skills specific to each stroke, and the skills are practiced through a variety of drills. There is no ‘workout’ per se as the goal is to learn fundamentals, and fundamentals are learnt best at a relaxed pace, not while performing intervals or training sets. Families welcome, Ages 13+ through to 80+!